About BukaPO.net

bukaPO is Bali’s first social commerce platform that was established to help micro and small businesses that economically affected by the covid-19 pandemic. It is aimed to promote their products, increase the sales and provide space for them in order to appeal to a bigger market. bukaPO offer a vast variety of food and beverages as well as catering service. The concept of bukaPO is a pre-order system that allows these micro and small businesses that do not have enough capital to keep working and earn some money. The food ordering system is made at least one day before the delivery date and customers can also order food from several different vendors in just one time transaction.

Every week bukaPO offers a very interesting discount with flat rate delivery charge to locations within the coverage area of our partner courier. At the moment, we deliver to areas including Denpasar, Badung and Ubud. In the near future, we are planning to expand to other sectors and also in other potential cities in Indonesia.

To join as a vendor in bukaPO, the process is very easy without any charge. We also provide free services for food photography, editing, and designing a logo.

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